Monday, January 01, 2007

How to manage all your digital photos

Digital cameras and mobile phones containing built in digital cameras are now commonplace. You may even have received a new one for Christmas, or bought one in the January sales. But as well as making photography instantaneous and free of film processing costs, digital media introduces new problems. All these hundreds, even thousands, of photos just sit on your computer hard drive. How can you possibly organise, search, edit, email, print, or even view a slide show of a specific set of pictures.

The answer is Picasa.

Picasa will:

* Organise your entire collection of photos automatically sorting them by date

* Make it easy to move pictures around on your computer's hard drive

* Group photographs into albums

* Password protect individual pictures

* Make it fast and easy to crop, remove red eye, fix the contrast and colour, and enhance your digital pictures.

* Allow you to turn your photos into black & white, or sepia, or soft focus at the click of a button

* Create captions for your pictures

* Take the guesswork out of emailing photos. Picasa automatically resizes and attaches pictures to email messages at sizes your friends will be able to open.

* Make it fast and easy to put your photos on the web.

* Turn a group of photos into a presentation with one click, then share your slide show on a CD

* Resize and print your photos at home

* Backup all your photos to CD or DVD, or to a network drive.

And now the best bit, this software it totally free, courtesy of Google.

Download Picasa now and give it a try, you will not be disappointed. It's not a feature packed image editing tool like Photoshop, but it will organise, edit, print, email, and display your photos effortlessly and easily. You can get Picaca from

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